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Web entrepreneur launching a startup dedicated to women content creators. Its goal is to create a dedicated channel for women covering fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Building a one-to-go online channel, created by women, for women, and curated by the participants. Luis Enrique Galdamez Echeverria, the founder and CEO needed fashion market insight to make sure he addressed the needs of his audience.

The Approach

CEO mentoring and Fashion industry advisory. Our goal for Fashion Potluck was to create a robust business where:
1. dedicated female related content is curated,
2. brands could engage with bloggers and vloggers on a global scale and
3. analytical data on trends and buying habits could be analyzed to anticipate future trends and dictate marketing and expansion strategies.

The Result

“Obtaining audience traction is one of the most challenging aspects of creating an online business. Gary’s knowledge of fashion market trends, commercial experience, and insights helped Fashion Potluck design a flexible monetization strategy addressing brands needs for further reach in the social media marketing arena.”
Luis Enrique Galdamez Echeverria, Founder/CEO